About the Novel:

Salavandra is an isolated Caribbean island. Its products, coffee, lumber and flowers, are controlled by Penkava Inc., a New York based multinational commodity corporation. After discovering that Penkava is responsible for the death of his father, as well as the abysmal working conditions on the island, coffee farmer Antonio Richards ignites a revolution in the midst of a harvest season. Branding his infant insurgency The United Front for the Liberation of Salavandra (UFLS), he begins fighting the unbridled capitalistic forces controlling his country.

First Chapter Samples:

Chapter One is available here as a downloadable pdf. It is also available here as a downloadable mp3.

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Salavandra: A Coffee Crusade is available in both print and audio formats. Print copies are available at Lulu.com and Amazon.com. The audio version is available on iTunes, and also at Podiobooks.com.

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