About the Novel:

Salavandra is an isolated Caribbean island. Its products, coffee, lumber and flowers, are controlled by Penkava Inc., a New York based multinational commodity corporation. After discovering that Penkava is responsible for the death of his father, as well as the abysmal working conditions on the island, coffee farmer Antonio Richards ignites a revolution in the midst of a harvest season. Branding his infant insurgency The United Front for the Liberation of Salavandra (UFLS), he begins fighting the corrupt capitalistic forces controlling his country.

From the author:

"I hope Salavandra helps people consider the profound economic, political and human impact of the seemingly humble coffee bean. This commodity, which consumers typically notice only when it's absent, is desperately important to millions of producers."

Kindle Edition:

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Sample Reviews:

"It shows the dynamics of a monopoly taking over a small government. The coruption in government is exposed throughout this book. It shows how hard it is for individuals not working together to succeed in today's world; how with team work, more can be accomplished."

"I found Salavandra to be an enjoyable read with some thought-provoking aspects. The author certainly feels concerned about important social issues."

"An engaging novel focusing on the politics of coffee. It's a very human tale of hope, struggle, passion and justice. For anyone interested in grass roots activism, corporate responsibility (or lack thereof) or simply those interested in the path your coffee takes from the farm to your cup, this is a great resource and a really intriguing story."